A keenly contested handicap programme of racing is held throughout the sailing season.

Dinghy Racing Events

Date/Time Event
Fri 29 Jul 22
Mid Summer Topper Series
Sun 31 Jul 22
Fri 5 Aug 22
Late Summer Evening Series
Fri 5 Aug 22
Late Summer Topper Series
Fri 12 Aug 22
Late Summer Evening Series
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Race Results

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OYC Courses

  1. Line A, Downham(S), No 9(S),Downham(S), Line A
  2. Line A, No 1(S), Line A
  3. Line A, No 4(P), Line A
  4. Line A, No 5(S), Line A
  5. Line A, Collimer(P), Line A
  6. A Course described on the OYC Course Board
  7. Line A, Channel course to No 1(P), Guard(S), Cliff Foot(P), Languard(P), Outer Ridge(P), Woodbridge Haven(S), Outer Ridge(S), Landguard(S), Cliff Foot(S), Guard(P), No 1(S), Channel Course to Line A

On Fridays evenings from June to August members are invited to take part in an informal series of races in either their own Topper or one borrowed from the club.