Help Norwich Sea Cadets

I Volunteer for the Sea Cadets in Norwich and the unit has been struggling since covid and some changes.

I wondered if there was any possibility if anyone had anyone in the club had any of these items that I could purchase or if they would be willing to donate to the Norwich Sea Cadets.

We need a tow bracket which could be used to put on universal trailers so they can be towed to winter storage.

Boat covers that might fit two Quest dingy sailing boats A winch handle for a trailer Dingy trailer tyres and inner tubes, any tarpaulins or covers.

Also, would any watersports instructors in the Norwich area be willing to teach in the summer? They are not required to attend every session but if anyone would be able to help out or know of anyone? The cadets couldn’t sail much this year because there wasn’t a qualified instructor. I am embarking on the training to be an instructor.

Liz Reynolds