Crew Offer: Jamie Watkiss

From: Jamie Watkiss <>

Sent: 03 August 2022 09:50

To: OYC Hon Secretary <>

Subject: Crewing opportunities


My name is Jamie Watkiss, I have recently started working at Ipswich Emergency Department as one of the senior doctors there (although I live in Cambridge).

I have been sailing dinghies, mostly asymetrics, and windsurfing since I was a young child, and worked as a windsurfing/sailing instructor for a company called Minorca sailing for a season after my A-levels.

When I was at university I completed my Coastal Skipper qualifications (having been encouraged  by my father who was previously a Yacht Master Instructor in his spare time).

Unfortunately since then I have not been on a yacht regularly but would be keen to get back into things as I am now so close to the sea, and also introduce my fiance to big boat sailing.

As such I was wondering whether there are any crewing opportunities and whether there is some sort of forum where crew needed is posted etc. I am aware that finding crew is always the prohibitive factor in using one’s yacht so there is usually plenty of demand!

Is this something I would need to join the club for and if so what would be the cost of this?

Many thanks,

Jamie Watkiss

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