Update on New Drying Pontoon

Walcon are on schedule to deliver and install our new drying pontoon with the programme is as follows:

Monday 12 March two lorries c/w 6 No walkways fully assembled will be delivered to Fox’s Marina.
Walcon have arranged with JJ for these to be launched on Monday by his boat hoist.

Tuesday 13th March these will be connected and fitted to the pile guides and some cleats fitted.

Wednesday 14 March the last walkway, the fingers and the finger floats will arrive. These will be assembled in Fox’s with installation hopefully commenced on Thursday and completed on Friday if necessary.

The remaining work of fitting duct covers, cleats and commissioning will take place Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday.

I hope the above is useful and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Philip Naylor