Preparing to Sail Update

All Members,

Further to the Prime Minister’s statement and publication on the easing of ‘Lockdown’, there have been many Members asking for clarification on boat preparation work, prior to launching or sailing, as the initial information was not clear

The RYA has this afternoon published their understanding of the situation and has put forward some guidance on managing and restarting boating activity. The Club will use this guidance, together with updates, to help us to move forward.

Here at the Club, Members are understandably concerned about getting their boats ready for launching and sailing. It is unlikely that we will be able to commence actual launching before mid June as their will be a lot of organising (masts, equipment preparation and testing) once we, hopefully, move into step 2 (June 1st earliest) of the planned relaxation of restrictions. For those with boats already on the water, we still have to wait for clearance from the river authorities.

Besides the well known Government Covid-19 guidelines and rules, there are some particular issues that need considering when Members do visit the Club to prepare for the season,.

As it is not possible to control social distancing or cleaning in the Clubhouse, it will remain closed.

All Government guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene matters must be followed. This includes the wearing of face masks.

Members should provide their own equipment and, if it is used by someone else, then it should be thoroughly cleaned and not re-used for 72 hours.

Staying on boats overnight, whether ashore or afloat, is not permitted under current Government guidelines.

As we receive further clarification from the Government and the RYA, we will, of course, let you know.

Meanwhile, please be patient and stay safe


Brenda Read and Clive Cooksey