Dredging in the Orwell

Local Notice to Mariners No 6 – 2018

Mariners and Port Users are advised that the trailing suction dredger ‘UKD Marlin’ and Bed leveller ‘UKD Seahorse’ will be working in the Port of Ipswich and River Orwell from or about Monday 28th May 2018 for about 6 days. The deposit operation will take place in the Long Reach of the River Orwell . Mariners please note that during this operation there will be an unusual amount of discolouring to the water due to the increase in siltation from our deposit operation, which is being carried out in accordance with our Marine Licence. All vessels are requested to give this vessel a wide berth, especially when ‘UKD Marlin’ swings in the Long Reach near No 3 Buoy following the deposit operations. Both vessels will be monitoring VHF Channel 68 and showing International Signals for a vessel engaged in Dredging. Details of the vessel movements will also be available from the Orwell Navigation Service.


Harbour Master

27th March 2018