Coronavirus Pandemic: Impact at Orwell Yacht Club

We are all experiencing an unprecedented threat to our everyday lives and it is important that we all recognise the real danger that this Covid-19 virus represents to all of us. The age profile of our Members is recognised in the decisions below: 

In the interest of all Members, social distancing practices must be adopted and taken seriously.

We will keep all issues under review and respond where possible or necessary.

Social Events.          

All cancelled until further notice.

Masts Lifting.




Dinghy Racing and Juniors



The bar will remain closed.

The Clubhouse

All clubhouse rooms are closed, including the toilets

In view of Government advice and to ensure ‘social distance’ guidance is followed, the OYC Clubhouse is closed.

We trust that all Members will understand the need for this action as part of the wider national effort to contain the Covid-19 virus.

General Hand washing

Wash hands as soon as entering the Clubhouse, on leaving and of course after using the toilet.


These are now closed.

Working on boats

If going to the Club to work on the boat social distancing is the key and it will be seen as dangerous to come too close to someone: our behaviours must change and we need to see close contact as both dangerous and rude. Good friendship is demonstrated by keeping the distance.

From the Commodore and Flag Officers.